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Emergency room: Unpublished stories

The classic image of an emergency room is usually an ambulance that rushes to the very door of the hospital and a group of doctors of different specialties, working daily to save the lives of patients victims of surprising cases.
The cases that the team attends have an impact on their personal lives, and influence their complicated family relationships and no less cumbersome courtships. They constantly face their own fears, feelings, dreams and professional ambitions. But it will always be the feeling of camaraderie and friendship that unites them, which will allow them to survive one more day in the emergency room of the La Esperanza hospital.
There is no other specialty in medicine that encompasses as much variety as one can see in an emergency room. Car accidents, broken bones, burns, hemorrhages, heart attacks, difficulty breathing, asthma attacks, loss of functions (arms, legs, etc.), loss of vision, loss of consciousness, overdose, abdominal pain, poisoning, vomiting, allergies, high fever, complications due to other diseases

In this program, doctors in the emergency room tell us about the strangest cases and about which little is said. These cases include patients who become violent, fatal injuries or cases in which the team does not know how to act due to its complexity. Usually, the doctors appear in small real videos of the cases, but when they do not, they appear in small interviews that explain to the viewers how they resolved the cases. Sometimes the names of the patients are changed and other people act in their place. All events are based on real events, but are mostly dramatized not necessarily in a clinic or place of medical attention.

This program for me is one of the best since I would like to be a doctor and I like to deal with children, as well as it is a representation of stories that relate those who were in emergency at that time.

Dra. Nicoll


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